PRIDE PROGRAMMING™ began as a dream to create a program that would provide real results with real care + attention for the client. Stephanie knows that each client isn't the same, each with their own degree of goals + needs that should be cared for accordingly. Thus became the driving force behind the development of PRIDE PROGRAMMING™ + honoring the different breed of strong that each of us are.

We root our training in functionality, which means we implement exercises that help us in our day-to-day lives. These exercises come from the foundations of strength training + are used to help us reach our goals. When training with us, no matter the program of choice, you will be sure to see the basic movement patterns: hinge, squat, push, pull, twist, + lunge.

We know that there isn't one fitness routine for all, therefore we've created various options to honor each client's needs + goals. From small group training, to personal training, to at-home-workouts, we've got something to fit your needs. 

If you need help deciding, send us a message. We'd be more than happy to help you figure it out.


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