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Here's a task...

No more excuses‼️ Time to take control + charge after those goals. ⁣

Okay, maybe that sounds a little daunting - going full force in one direction! Studies have shown that jumping straight in often leads to setbacks or getting off track quicker. Manage your goals by breaking them down into skills + then practices that you can do daily. These daily practices turn into habits which then turn into steps + before you know it; you’ve reached your goal. ⁣

So we have a challenge for you: Do one small thing this week that moves you one step closer to your goal. What does that look like? ⁣

Perhaps it’s: ⁣

▫️ Looking at your week + scheduling time for yourself ⁣

▫️Signing up for a class ⁣

▫️Adding a walk in everyday ⁣

▫️Staying hydrated ⁣

What is 1 small task that you c