Jealousy is a B*

Have you ever caught yourself thinking things like....⁣

“What’s wrong with my body? Why can’t I look like him/her?”⁣

“If only I could look like...”⁣

“If only I could lift like...”⁣

“Why can they eat whatever they want + not gain weight?”⁣

Jealousy boasts a never-ending wheel of comparisons that do more than jeep us stuck. The wrong kind of comparisons move us away from our goals. ⁣

We realize how easy it is to get stuck in the myths of “If only...” + “Why can’t I...?” but here’s the thing: life is a unique journey + process for us all. When it comes down to it, comparing your beginning to someone else’s middle or end, you won’t get very far. ⁣

With eyes constantly on everyone else’s “better-than” it won’t matter how many milestones you are hitting, because they will always be hitting a “better one.”⁣

At Pride Programming, we want the comparisons to be with ourselves. We’ve built that into our training programs by keeping meticulous notes on all of our clients goals/milestones. We do this to help you remember + visualize your progress! ⁣

It’s also a reminder to trust the process + believe in yourself. ⁣

We know comparisons will happen, it’s life, but rather than getting stuck on the never-ending wheel, let them inspire you to keeping pushing! ⁣

You are on your own journey, just like they are + we are all a different breed of strong. ⁣

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