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Things I Wish I Knew...Pt. II

We've tried just about everything!

We've experimented with different training styles; read a lot of articles; reread those articles again; studied from various trainers; watched endless videos + then double checked those facts. After all of that, we still tripped + fell multiple times along the way.

Fitness is an endless journey + we're still learning as we go but there are a few more things that we wish we knew before getting started. Here are those things...


Rest is such an underrated form of recovery. It plays a vital component in growing + becoming fitter. It's easy to get swept up in the thrill of seeing results + you may even want to work out every chance you get. However, this will likely result in burnout, slowed progress, or even injury. Take it from us - one bum shoulder + 3 years later - we are now only slowly getting back to where we were when the excitement first started. Learn this now or end up like us, sidelined due to injury. Listen to your body; if you feel tired or a movement doesn't feel right, rest.