Things I Wish I Knew...Pt. III

We've tried just about everything!

We've experimented with different training styles; read a lot of articles; reread those articles again; studied from various trainers; watched endless videos + then double checked those facts. After all of that, we still tripped + fell multiple times along the way.

Fitness is an endless journey + we're still learning. Here are our the last fitness tips we have...


Why do you want to workout? We'll tell you right now, the reasons about impressing someone else, don't count. Those reasons for working out ultimately don't last. Find the reason that makes you happy + eager to workout.

Does it make you feel more confident? Do you feel clear-headed after workouts? Do you workout because it gives you more energy? Do you want to be physically active later in life?

Why are you on this fitness journey?


You should enjoy your workouts, period. There is no one telling you that you have to lift weights or run miles. If you don't like it - change it. There are plenty of ways to get healthier. Choose one that feels good to you + that you actually look forward to doing. When you enjoy it, it won't feel like a task + you'll be more likely to stick with it.

Bottom line, do what makes you happy.


Don't be embarrassed or afraid to ask others for assistance + support. We all need it + can benefit from it. Open your mind + let the ego fall away. Whether you're asking a friend, a knowledgeable person online, or a personal trainer, the knowledge you gain by asking a simple question could change your game. The alternative? Your progress will stall or come to a halt. Reach out, you'll be glad you did.

As a trainer ourselves, we often seek the knowledge + help of others. We are constantly reading new research on fitness + health, listening to podcasts from trusted experts, + we have even enlisted the help of a fellow personal trainer to program workouts specific for our goals.

Plus, by reaching out you'll always have that person in your corner rooting for you.


Women, we're looking at you. We're not sure where this myth began but it is anything but true. A real biological fact, women, is that it is hard to get bulky as a woman. To get "bulky" or "too masculine" takes a lot of work + intention over a long period of time; it's not going to happen by accident. Biologically speaking, women need a lot more testosterone flowing through their bodies to put on that kind of muscle mass. You may be predispositioned for muscle development but this still doesn't mean you'll wake up looking like the Hulk after a few sessions at the gym.

We personally love the look of defined muscles but if that's not your cup of tea, that's okay too.


It's important to know what you're putting in your body. Many of the foods promoting "diet," "zero-calorie," or "low-carb" are just clever marketing techniques. The calories may be lower than most in these foods but they are often completely processed. Processed foods include ingredients that have been genetically modified to fit in a certain category, ie..low sugar, low carb, or low fat. By modifying those ingredients you actually strip away the nutritional benefits that go along with them. How your food is produced matters. Whole, non-processed (+ organic, if possible) foods are often the best way to go. Do your research + listen to your body.


Adopting a super restrictive diet can be more harmful than good. Your body needs a certain amount of calories/nutrients a day just to live. There are 3 basic concepts when it comes to eating for fitness:

1. Gain Mass/Weight = Eat more calories than you're putting out.

2. Maintain = Eat the daily amount of calories to equate what you put out.

3. Lose Mass/Weight = Eat less calories than you are putting out.

If you restrict yourself into a deeper caloric deficit than necessary, not only will it hinder your progress but it could also be extremely dangerous. If you're still curious about this, look out for our Nutritional Coaching program launching soon!

Would you add anything to our list?

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