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I like the style of the class + the muscle groups it targets!

Ann M.

Steph is great! Small classes + she corrects your form!

Belle M.

I've been training with Stephanie for a year. Each workout is different + she is always motivating people to become stronger. Her playlists are amazing as well!

Caitlin H.

I've been going to Stephanie's classes for 9 months now + have never done the same workout twice. I was hesitant to start group training because I've found other classes to be monotonous + feel competitive. With Pride Programming™ the variety of workouts is amazing, + each one allows you to challenge yourself at your own pace. I'm stronger, happier + actually look forward to gym days now!

Bri C.

The classes are always challenging but fun + upbeat!

Nancy B.

I always have a great class with Stephanie...she's the best!

Donna R.

Program really works + one of the best coaches out there!

Diana V.

Pride workouts are my kind of workouts. I love how every time the exercises are different + pushes you to work at your best. Challenging but I love it! Thanks to Stephanie.

Donna M.

It's an excellent class with attention to what everyone is doing. It also pushes you to go beyond what you really think you can do.

John L.

The class has been life saving for me. I am so much stronger + feel years younger. Yesterday's [group fitness] class was a breeze! I couldn't believe how easy it was to do the ab related sequences.

Patricia M.

I am so happy that I'm in Pride Programming! I love learning + doing new workouts that Stephanie teaches us every week. She always motivates us to do better + get stronger. You see the results in a small amount of time + feel great!

Jennifer A.

I love Pride Programming™! Stephanie is the absolute best + the results are amazing! The small group training is the perfect way to push myself to achieve new goals + avoid injury. I so look forward to my weekly classes.

Molly B.

I had initially been training with Stephanie during her time as a Tribe Coach at Hamptons Gym Corp. Due to a family emergency that went on over the summer of 2018, I had stopped attending classes at the gym. A few months after summer ended Stephanie reached out to me asking if I would be coming back to the gym- it was a simple small gesture-but meant so much to me. Stephanie checks in on the people she trains and her compassion for others and passion for what she does comes through during her classes. Stephanie encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and pushes you to get stronger not only physically but mentally as well. She truly pushes people to believe in their abilities. 

Caitlyn B.

Stephanie’s joy from watching her clients succeed has pushed me to work harder in the gym and outside of it. Her interest in her client’s lives goes further than just their physical health; she remembers everyone’s birthdays, details of their family, work and school lives. If you mention wanting to better yourself in any aspect of your life, Stephanie will ask you about your goals, and follow up to see how you’re progressing. Stephanie’s interest in helping her clients become the best versions of themselves has resulted in the creation of a community, made up of people with all different backgrounds, who in a fitness studio, became teammates, and outside of it became friends. When I signed up for Stephanie’s group training class, I had no way of knowing that I would have stuck with it now almost four years or that the people I met on my first day would be the people I’m still training with today. This community is so supportive, when they finish their workout they come over to you and cheer you on, they come together to see your band play at a local bar, go to your holiday party, and support your charity events; and behind the scenes is Stephanie sending texts, and making calls, and getting the team together for the next challenge.

Maris R.

Thank you for bringing Pride Programming to Core Dynamics! I became a member of this gym 4 years ago. I trained with Jim and continue to build on the foundation he taught me with his continued guidance. I found with my work schedule that an after- work exercise program was best. Your Renegade program was the answer to supplement my weight training. This is my third 8 week session with Renegade and I continue to see results in my strength and endurance. The workout routine in your program covers all over body strength and my stamina has definitely improved. There is such a variety in your classes, it makes it challenging and fun. Exercising in a group setting is very motivating too. I’m in for it all! Thank you for your encouragement.

Robin K.

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